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Reservoir Wogs Show from 2006 Live on Stage

Reservoir Wogs Show from 2006 Live on Stage

After my recent stint at the Adelaide Fringe with George Kapiniaris for the A NIGHT AT THE WOPERA show, we all know what’s been happening in the world ever since.  Needless to say, I haven’t been back on stage since my last show in Adelaide on March 13.  The good people at the Adelaide Fringe have set up a streaming service where people can still see standup from the comfort of their homes to help comedians like myself turn over a few dollars while we’re unable to work.  So please check out my Reservoir Wogs show from 2006 when I was still a young buck!  There’s one hour of classic material, most of which hasn’t been performed in many years!

Here’s the link – just $10.00 to view it.  I appreciate the support!

RATINGS: Herald Sun – 4.5 stars

The Age – 4 stars (Helen Razer)

See the trailer here:-