Why not get a comedian to MC your wedding?

Many years ago, after a comedy gig. I was asked by a member of my audience if I MC weddings. As it turns out, I did have quite a bit of experience doing this as I was once a mobile DJ in my younger years and doubled as an MC at many of those events. So I took it on not knowing how well combining comedy and MC work would go, and I'm happy to say it went over quite well. For the last twenty or more years, I've regularly been booked to MC several weddings a year (in between comedy shows and tours) and I'd like to think it has become somewhat of a specialty of mine.

As well as all the duties that come with being the MC at a wedding, I always insist on meeting the couple in advance and having several conversations with them as I want to sound more like a friend than just some guy rattling off formalities without any intimate knowledge of the people I'm working for. I'm also very big on trying to keep things running to time on the night itself, and take the responsibility of the running of the event very seriously. My aim is to always ensure the bride and groom can just focus on their guests and not worry about everything that is going on during the function. That's my job!
I always try and fit in a little bit of stand-up during the night to break things up and entertain your guests, but don't worry, it's always a PG-rated show. I understand that the people at your wedding aren't there to see comedy, and we aren't going to make their toes curl with any bad language or sensitive subjects. It'll be a good family show (usually relevant to weddings and marriage) and it's always well-researched in terms of making the material appropriate to your guests.
I've been to many weddings and seen some great MC's. They really make the night that little bit more special. One thing I have seen is some MC's who think they're actually comedians trying to be funny, when, in reality, it can be cringeworthy. If you truly want a naturally funny MC, get a comedian. I'm not the only one doing it nowadays. There's a few of my colleagues turning their hand to this and it seems to be a growing trend. So if you're getting married, or even if you have another type of event that requires an MC, and you'd like someone who is used to making people laugh without trying too hard, then a comedian just like myself might be the perfect fit.
If you'd like to know more, feel free to message me or call me. I'm more than happy to answer questions. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope to hear from you soon.

Gabriel Rossi -Comedian/MC